About Us

Hickory Hills was born out of a dream of a young girl, growing up on Hickory Hills Drive, in small town Kentucky. Back then I spent my days rummaging through mine and my sister's closets, mix and matching our clothes and styling together outfits. My mother would take pictures of me in my ensembles in our backyard with a disposable camera. You know, the kind you had to drop off at Walmart and wait the hour to see how they turned out? I was fashion blogging way before it was ever a thing. Fashion has always been a part of me, encrypted in my DNA. I dreamed of designing clothes that inspired women to feel confident and beautiful. Only problem was, I was far removed from the fashion world and a career in design seemed farfetched for an eastern Kentucky girl with no connections or experience. Something most of the adults in my life reminded me of daily. I was told I would have to give up on my childish dreams one day and grow up and get a real job. One with health insurance and 401K. So, I did.

I became a Speech Language Pathologist and I helped people communicate and express themselves. I loved my job and being able to make a difference in the lives of others was so rewarding. Still, I felt a part of me was missing. You know those nagging voices that you just can’t get rid of? Those voices kept telling me that I was meant to create and share my message with the world. Voices that I ignored for years…until something amazing happened!

I had a child of my own! We welcomed our daughter Evelyn (AKA “Evie), into the world in 2019. She is everything I have ever dreamed of and so much more. The person I had waited my entire life to meet. I want so many things for my daughter. I want her to dream big and then dream even bigger. I want her to never apologize for being who she is. I want her to stand tall, believe in herself, and trust her gut. To be kind to others and to herself. To find what makes her happy in this world and pursue it relentlessly. As her mother, I get the opportunity to help shape who she will become, and I never want her to give up on her dreams before she ever tries. It is because of her that I found the courage to pursue my passion and start my company.

My hope is that my designs will empower women and girls to feel confident, beautiful, and powerful. To remember to pause and enjoy the joys of life and cherish moments with the people who matter the most…family. 

 With Love,